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Need advice on selling what's let of my car

I have a 1995 Acura Integra that was recently stolen and retrieved. When I got it back from the police, the two front seats were taken, along with the side view mirrors, computer, one of the speakers, catalytic converter, battery and the ignition was jammed. The sunroof is also badly damaged. It currently has 233,000 miles on it and is sitting in a friends driveway. I am interested in selling the parts, but I am not sure how to go about this process. The tires are good, which passed a State of Maryland inspection. Two weeks before it was stolen, I had just gotten new brake pads. How much could I sell the engine for? Also, the body of the car has a few dings and could use a paint job.


I’m sorry to hear about your car.

I would list the car on Craigslist or eBay (make sure it’s clear the buyer is responsible for picking it up/shipping costs) as a parts car and see if anyone is looking for the things you have left. If you have a regular mechanic, you could see if he knows anyone who’d be interested in the car parts. After that, I’d sell it to a salvage yard for a few bucks.

There is a market for this car on ebay or craigslist. If the car model is GS-R you will get lots of interest otherwise don’t expect much.

I assume you had theft insurance? What is the insurance company paying you? They should take it off your hands and pay you the market value, IF YOU HAVE THEFT INSURANCE.

If no insurance follow he posters advice and list it for parts.

He could always do what the ricers do and go buy a couple badges that say GS-R and slap on it. some kid won’t know the difference. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with the ebay approach. Either sell the entire “parts car,” or (if you are more ambitious) sell all the valuable parts separately and then junk the shell. Selling the parts is a lot more work, but you will probably make more money. I’m also assuming it wasn’t insured.

If it was registered in MD, it was insured. You can’t get plates without insurance.

You have to have liability insurance to register, yes, but as far as I know no state requires comprehensive insurance, and that’s what covers theft.

Personally, I have a 1996 car and I’m not paying for comp…I doubt the OP was either.