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Is a 1985 Nissan pickup worth restoring?

I got this truck from my gardener when I was desperate for wheels last summer for $1700and have put $300 into it already. Downside: it smells like feet; the headliner is torn out; I have to warm it up before taking off every morning or it’ll stall; the battery light comes on a lot of the time even though I bought a new battery and replaced the clamps; it needs new tires and I’m told new brakes, although they feel ok to me; the horn and AC don’t work and the windshield fluid pump is dead. It has just over 160,000 miles now. I’m reluctant to fix it up, but every now & then a guy will tell me “nice truck - that’s a classic, want to sell it?” I don’t know what to make of it. Upside: It has a camper shell, it has no leaks in the cab or shell, the alternator tested ok, the motor and transmission seem strong. Should I invest money to fix it up, and if so will I be able to get my money back as a classic later on?

$1,700 for an '85? The next time someone admires the truck and wants to buy it - sell it!

I think you seriously overpaid for the truck. Any money you put into it, will keep it on the road as transportation. It will not add any value to the truck.

I would agree with selling it unless you can do all or most of the repairs yourself and want to keep the truck; assuming you want all of the flaws fixed. To spend X dollars in the hopes of cashing in would be a mistake IMO.
Tires and brakes are a must; the other things you mention are optional and may not be a big problem except for the A/C.

The poor running when cold is likely a carburetor and/or vacuum problem which may or may not be a big deal. Assuming this is due to a carb choke problem this should be easily fixed.

The word “classic” is really not something I’d used to describe the truck. While working for Nissan we used to have a fair number of these trucks come into the shop and overall they’re pretty decent.

A lot of junk was made between 1981 and 1989…Restore? No…Take the money offered. Many of these 4 cylinder stick shift pick-ups end up in Mexico where they bring top dollar…

Restoring the truck to classic standards does not make sense. However, if the truck isn’t rusted out, it may be worth repairing the stalling issue, replacing the tires, relining the brakes, and fixing the horn so that you have transportation. This may be your cheapest way to reasonably safe, reliable transportation.

Just run it, fix it where needed. It is hard to believe a nissan truck will ever be worth restoring.