Need a diagnosis

i have a 1998 dodge avenger and i tried to go to work today and when i turned the corner it bogged down and all the lights on the dash came on

i gave it some gas and the rpm’s barley moved

i turned off the defroster and it ran good for a while

but when i stopped and looked under the hood it smelt like something rubbery was burning

i am waiting for the shops around here to open but if anyone thinks they know i am open to all opinion

please email at

Based on the small amount of info you’ve given us, I’m going to guess your air conditioning compressor has seized (it is activated when you use the defroster).

Good “most likely” diagnosis. I had this happen on my Ford and since the car was old and I was not going to fix the A/C, we just cut the drive belt and drive the car another 2 years.