Smells like rubber burning?

hello, all.

i have '01 audi a6 2.7t. i noticed not too long ago that after some driving, i could smell rubber burning-kind of smell, especially from the front passenger side. it’s not like it’s making any noise. has anybody got any idea what this could be?


Your AC compressor could have seized up and your serpentine belt may be burning. Or a vacuum line could have fallen off onto your exhaust manifold. Or, a brake caliper could be sticky and the heat’s cooking the outer liner on the brakeline…and maybe the fluid too.

Pop the hood and take a peek.

Idea #1: Oil leaking and burning on the hot exhaust. Idea #2: possibly something in the air ducts to the passenger side. For idea #1, open the hood and take a whiff. Idea #2, after the engine compartment, sniff the passenger area, again … especially, near the air duct outlets.