Resetting Trip Odometer

Why would the digital trip odometer on my 2000 Ford Focus rest itself when I start the engine? Also, the gauges all shoot over to the right, then drop completely back down before rising back to a normal position?

If anybody ahs any ideas as to what is going on and how to fix it, please e-mail me at or answer my question in this forum.

Thank you.

Marky B

Is this on the original battery? Do you have any trouble starting? I wondering if the computer is losing power while the engine is off. I would have a shop thoroughly check out the battery, its electrical connections, and the wiring to the computer (for loose plugs). When the engine starts, all power to everything except the computer and its memory (and of course, the ignition) should be cut off while the starter is cranking – maybe some relay is bad and the computer power is being cut, too? I take it that no one was playing with the wiring just before this happened…

I think it’s a blown fuse.

I had a similar problem with the 2000 Ford Windstar that I used to own. I had the doors open cleaning out the car and the interior lights were on. This discharged the battery. I boosted it for a couple of hours with a trickle charger and started the van, but the gauges did the same thing, and the trip odometer reset itself. The same thing happened about a year later when I went to start it coming out from work on a cold day. The engine barely cranked, but it did start and the gauges again did the same thing. The battery was almost 6 years old at this point, so I replaced it and had no more problems.

Check your battery including the cable terminals at the battery to be certain that they aren’t corroded.

I thought of the battery. It appears to be the original one (I’ve had the car since November 2007). I was planning on replacing the battery before I take my car on a trip back east.

I cleaned the battery clamps (due to corrosion), but it has reappeared.

Will let you know what happens when I replace the battery.

Thank you.

Marky B

Check out your owner’s manual, man, the gauges perform that self-test when you start the car, it’s supposed to happen.

The trip odo… can’t help you there, but the gauge sweep is built in and proper functioning.