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NAV System DVD

2007 Mercury Milan w/GPS Nav system. Nav DVD reader has become very noisey, high-speed ticking noise. Dealer says whole system must be replaced. Can just the Nav DVD reader be replaced? and if so who/where?

Probably not, it may very well be a single unit.

The Ford dealer definitely won’t do it. It’s just too expensive for them to pull it, send it out, repair it, and then reinstall it. You might find an independent shop that would do it, though. Start with indy radio/nav system installers. Maybe they do it or know of an electronics shop that could do it. Just be aware that even if someone can do it, the repair might not be cheap enough that you want to do it. The indy shops might also have alternative systems that replace the Ford unit, and you may be happier with them. Check around, and look on line for replacement units to learn about them. You will be better prepared to deal with the fix with a little education.

I wonder who makes the unit. For example I know the 2001-2006 Acura MDX touchpanel for Nav was made by Alpine and they could repair them.