Nasty noise

I have a 1998 Olds Sihlouette, and I am hearing a noise when I turn the wheels right or left, starting from a stop. It sounds like a spring or something thumping. Also, I am not getting any heat , either. Just had 8 million hoses replaced on the heater hose assembly, but the climate control just blows cold air.

On the heat:  Do the radiator hoses get hot?  Do the hoses going to the heater get hot?  I suspect a vacuum hose going to the heater.  The vacuum controls the blend doors and that determines how much and what temperature the air will come from what vents.

I’d start by looking at the CV joints for the noise while turning.

On the cold air, you may have just a stuck thermostat. But this needs to be checked hands on.

As far as the noise, I was told it was something with the strut.
I will check the hoses tomorrow for the heat, and check thermostat. Thanks.

Hoo boy!
Well, the strut bracket is bad. As far as the heat, it seems to be a clog, along with the intake gasket, and the water pump, and the serpetine belt…all to the tune of over seven hundred dollars. The repairman mentioned this is partly due to the dexcool crap. Says he will flush and fill with a different antifreeze.