Nasty noise from a pulley

My tensioner pulley is already shaking but when the ac clutch is engaged the tensioner starts to shake even more and it starts to make a clunking noise extremely loud and fast. I also noticed that the crank pulley is shaking quite a bit too so i don’t know if that has anything to do with it.

Sounds like it is time to replace the tensioner pully.Start with part one, move on to part 2 if needed.

I have already replaced the tensioner pulley, idler pulley, belt, and the water pump is new as well. From talking to mechanic shops they say it is my a/c but I don’t see how it could be. The a/c blows cold still but I forgot to mention the noise only comes on when the a/c is on but the pulley is shaking like crazy the whole time.

You really need to get that harmonic balancer (crank pulley) looked at. If the balancer is loose on the crankshaft this can be engine damaging; if not already.

A loose balancer can wallow out the keyway in the crank and if this happens even a new key and balancer will cure the problem. It would require a new crank kit or possibly welding the balancer in place. The latter would mean that you would pretty much write off the engine as to future repairs.

Yea I will have that looked at thank you.