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Harmonic balancer?

99 Dodge Durango, 5.2L V-8 4x4.

Recently replaced power steering pump, belt tensioner, serpentine belt, and A/C compressor (twice).

I have an incessant squeeling. It is noticable on start-up, goes away at idle, comes back with a vengeance with RPM. It is not related to turning the car, nor does it appear to be the belt itself. It looks like the tensioner is working a little too hard (i.e. bouncing along a little bit more than I think would be necessary). The engine itself is running well, has always been maintained well, and has been in good running condition, recent work notwithstanding.

Alternator appears to be running well, and it passed the screwdriver to ear test, as did the power steering pump, tensioner, and A/C Compressor. There’s really not much left to consider, so I was thinking along the lines of the harmonic balancer; could the bearing on the balancer be shot? Any other thoughts? Thanks!!


The rubber in the balancer could be shot.

Mountain Bike-

Thanks for the reply. I was thinking that if I replaced the balancer, I would replace the rubber sleeve as well. It looks like a pain in the nether regions to do the work. Do you think this could be the squeel? I would really hate to go to all this trouble and be wrong!!

Do you know of a way to check to see if this is the problem before I tear it apart?

Thanks again!


The Rubber Sleeve Is An Integral Part Of The Harmonic Balancer

I would think you would see it wobbling or feel vibration if it was that bad. The balancer may require special tool(s) to hold it (holding tool) and also to pull it (crankshaft insert for puller).

Harmonic balancers don’t squeal!! They don’t make any noise at all. Remove the belt and start the engine. Any squeal now?? If not, find out what is making THE BELT squeal. Sometimes a worn alternator sheave (pulley) will allow even a new belt to squeal. Or a weak battery draws full output from the alternator making the belt squeal. Or the tensioner is shot or not properly installed. It should have considerable pressure on the belt…

You’re right, but my response was predicated on the excessive vibration in the belt and what had already been changed. My thinking is that the belt is squealing because it isn’t being driven smoothly.

Any chance that your AC system has to much oil in it? Would be nice to see if there is a relation with compressor operation and the squeal.