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Nasty Black Goo falling out of Seat Backs

Nasty Black Goo falling out of Seat Backs

I have a 2004 F150 Lariat which I purchased in 2004. I ordered it the way I wanted and up until recently, she has been kept in immaculate condition.

Recently pieces of black nasty sticky foam like material has been falling out of the back of the front driver seat. It is making a huge mess on the carpet and if you try to pick it up, it feels like grease but the appearance is a foam like substance. When I reached up under the inside of the seat back I found big chunks of this stuff that just fell into my hands.

I did a preliminary search and found a few instances of this occurring with other owners but it’s not been very common. Hennessy Ford here in Chamblee, Georgia looked at it today and they had never seen anything like this. I have scheduled to take it back on Thursday so they can tear into the seat to see exactly what it is. I will keep you posted.

I also called ford today at 1-800-312-3673 to report the problem and to see if Ford has a record of this issue. They have not but they have started an investigation to see if it is possible to have been reported elsewhere.

I would like to first, ask if anyone else has experienced this issue and if so, what did they find out.

Second, if anyone is, or has, experienced this issue have them call Ford at again 1-800-312-3673 to report this issue. If Ford finds this issue to be the result of defected part(s) of the seat they will create a recall, but to be honest I don’t see that happening.

Sounds like the foam is deteriorating due to age, heat etc. Happens. This is a 13 year old vehicle, this is not a safety problem. See if a local body shop or upholstery shop can re do the seats for you. Will cost a few $ but if the rest of the truck is in good shape it might be worth it.

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Did you get rid of the raccoon first? :grin:

Yeah I think its just the black foam deteriorating in the heat same as the headliner material does. An auto upholstery shop can pull the covers and replace the foam but Ford really would have no interest in it at this point. It’s not a warranty issue or a defect.

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I am sorry to sound like tech support I used to get, It was like my bulb burned out can you help? I’ve got the same bulb and it works just fine. Yeah I have an 03 f250 and no problem. Sorry for your trouble, no solution except seat covers or new seats. :frowning:

I think Ford would like to know that’s happening to your truck, if only to avoid using that product going forward. The materials used in seats should last much longer than that. The seats on my 45 year old Ford truck are completely original, no problem anywhere near like that. I doubt Ford will be willing to offer any help on getting it fixed. But no harm to politely ask. Might get some kind of a discount on an oil change or small voucher on a new car purchase or something. It is a design defect in imo. But a minor one. Definitely annoying.

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You can walk to the parts department and inquire on the price of a seat bottom or seat back, which ever you want replaced and skip the middle man. I suspect the price will be so high that you will choose to have the seat repaired by an automotive upholstery shop.

As far as a recall for this problem, let us know when the first person is injured or killed because of this, that may trigger an investigation.


So glad I posted here… excellent information and I cannot help but agree… I did cancel the appointment at the dealership, even before seeing all of your inputs. I am now looking for a reputable upholstery shop nearby and will update you as to the findings… and yes, it is not a safety issue… I wonder then why Ford gave me an investigation number if they knew it not to be a safety issue. But it really doesn’t matter at this point. Onwards and upwards.

Thank you all for your inputs… LOL well, most of you anyway… we have smart raccoons here in the south, they can read “We do not give rides to Raccoons”!

It’s called the " don’t make the customer any madder than they already are response."

It is possible at least there’s some critter involvement. Like you say, not raccoons. Any self respecting raccoon is going after the KFC leftover chicken leg bone in the garbage can, not the seats. More likely that kind of seat damage would be small rodents, mice etc. getting into the passenger compartment. If you ever park your truck overnight with any of the windows open.

Oh that’s a nice thought as you are driving along-maybe have a passenger under your seat?

I looked more closely at the 2004 Ford F-150 and the good news is you don’t have the window regulator problem so many owners did. Not one mention of the foam in the seats coming apart at CarComplaints that I can see. That model and year earned the “Avoid Like the Plague” stamp from our partners there.