NAPA Echlin Fuel Injection a good replacement for GM Spider on 4.3L?

Is NAPA Echlin a good make for fuel injection components? I am having a hard time finding these parts in stock for this truck or they are obvious scams. The obvious scams are the typical funny named website selling products that normally sell for much more at a cheap price. While these sell for $300, you find sites claiming they are in-stock and for sale at $49 and $69 which you know is fake.

Anyway, my local NAPA store can get me this part in their brand which is Echlin. It has a 36/36,000 warranty as well which doesn’t seem bad.

NAPA Echlin parts are good. I have had good luck with them in the past.

Thanks. Good to know as I don’t have many options right now.

I’ve used Echlin a lot with never any issues.

I’m fine with that brand.

Thanks again. Good to know.

I’ve installed several NAPA Echlin CSFI units . . . both V-6 and V-8 . . . and never had a problem

I got this truck back and it seems to be running a lot better. One thing that seems interesting is that the injectors are a LOT quieter than before. Even when new, the injectors on this engine was noisy. There was a tick that sounded like noisy lifters. This is all gone now so I guess it has to do with the redesign of the spider injection system to correct some of the faults.


No experience with S10. But as a reference, VW Rabbit’s injectors made a very high pitch whining noise. Low volume, probably wouldn’t notice it unless you know what to listen for. Haven’t ever heard any noises at all from Corolla’s injectors, other engine sounds probably mask injector sounds.

Are you sure you need to go that far? There is a vacuum hose coming off it, if it smells like gas then you only have to replace the valve. Cheap!

The old spider had injectors which were glorified poppets

The new spider has real fuel injectors

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The gasket was leaking so it had to come apart anyway. I figured replacing a 22 year old part while I was in there wasn’t a bad idea as that wasn’t the real cost of all this. There was also some question about these sticking open at times, getting small amounts of fuel in the oil.