Best intake manifold/injectors/gasket for 2000 4.3L S-10?

I am going to be replacing the intake manifold on my truck as the gasket is leaking. I guess I am a record on the stock gasket. Anyway, I have been told you need to replace the injectors and the plastic manifold as well unless you want to be repeating this process again in the near future. Everything is original and this this is a 2WD 5 speed manual if that matters.

Are there any upgraded OEM or aftermarket assemblies? What is the best thing to buy to replace this? The shop I use said they would just buy the AC Delco but that there might be something better to replace the injectors with a better design. This spider injection is apparently not one of GM’s best ideas…

They also think that the fuel pressure regulator is leaking externally as there is a gas smell and the truck has to build fuel pressure before it starts if it sits more than a few minutes. They basically told me not to mess with it now if I am going to bring it in shortly and just have it all done at once. I have another truck in the shop and will be swapping this one when that truck gets picked up.

Are there any kits with all of this or do you suggest buying certain brands of certain components vs. buying all as a kit?


I’ve never seen a spider assembly replacement kit.

I’ve always purchased the spider assembly and the intake manifold separately.


If this lasted 22 years, I’d think OEM would be adequate.

True. Another 22 years is probably more than the life of the truck. The intake gasket will need to be changed but I guess that problem was fixed. I know GM around that time period had many issues with this.

There is a replacement for the spider system…it is 6 individual injectors, tubes and a wiring harness. RockAuto carries them.

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Several people have told me not to bother replacing the injectors but if I am paying someone to do this, I have been told that it is best to just replace it all including the gasket, spider, and manifold itself. I don’t want to have to pay someone to go back in if I just do the gasket. Also, I think the fuel pressure regulator might be part of the spider??? So I guess the spider must be replaced.

It looks like the pressure regulator just clips on. Is this something that can be changed externally or only with the upper intake removed?