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Nancy and her frozen top

Nancy’s top was so cold and stiff it wouldn’t go up and latch. So my first thought was to cover it with an electric blanket on medium for a couple of hours.

It seems a hairdryer would heat it in a very small area at one time and make it very hard to heat evenly.

And please, if you think my idea is stupid, at least don’t laugh at my name :wink:

Special Ed, I’m Confused. When You Say “Nancy”, Is This A Person Or A Car?

And when you say “Nancy’s top”, are you referring to a convertible top or an article of clothing?

Oh. Uh. I see you didn’t listen to the show today. Nancy called in that her convertible top had been down in an unheated space, and when she tried to raise it, it wouldn’t latch. The answer was that it was so cold it was just stiff and to use a hair dryer to warm it. I was thinking an electric blanket might be better.

Ed–I agree with you. I think that the electric blanket is a better idea than a hair dryer.

However, the question that T & R didn’t ask was–If the top has been down for the last several months while the car sits in her garage, why doesn’t Nancy just leave the top in the down position for the remainder of the winter?

Since she stated that she does not use the car in the winter, she might as well just leave the top down. After all, in Minneapolis/St. Paul, winter has only 4 or 5 months to go!

I’ve had convertibles for years. All you have to do is let the car sit out in the sun with the top up as far as it will go for about ten minutes and the heat of the sun will expand the top so it will close. This works as long as the sun is high, no matter the ambient temperature.

Thanks for posting this, when I heard their hairdryer idea I thought she had a good chance of overheating something. Why not just put the top mostly up, windows up, run the car with the heat on high - that’ll warm everthing up evenly and safely.

Cars have heaters? LOL

OK, I got so obsessed with the electric blanket answer I missed the most obvious.

I agree- I think Nancy should follow Melissa with the Jeep’s lead-> Park the car out in the driveway on a sunny day, put the top up where it’ll go, start it up, and put on the heater and defroster- pretty soon the top’ll flop right into place. Just don’t try to dry any clothes at the same time.

CSA reminded me of the time this woman walked up to us at a service station between Caribou and Washburn and said that she came to see about the bra. The man kind of lost his control for a few seconds before she mentioned that it was for a car and there was an ad in the paper. Then it was OK to laugh.