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Name Tommy's 1979 Fiat

What’s your suggestion?

Willet Runn

“Shezno” as in She is no real automobile.

Bianca or Zola.

  1. Il Duce
  2. Little Duce Coupe
  3. Torino Terror
  4. Fix Italian Automobiles Today

All free. Take your choice!

She needs a name with a little positive reinforcement, how about, Shirley

79 Fiat ?

How about Rusty ?


Italian Stallion?


That’s it.

I had a '76. You can’t print what I called it many times, but “Money Pit” seems to work for me now. Rusty is another good one. Hope you didn’t spend much for it boys . . . 'cause you’re gonna. Rocketman

LOL, I almost bought a new one of those in about 81. They were cute, but I did get it a little sideways during the test drive. Fun to drive, but I never could get used to driving front engine sports cars. My GF liked a BMW better, so that’s what we (she) ended up buying.

This car definitely needs a female name.

How about Rolls-Canardly? Because, being that it is Fiat, it rolls down one hill, and it can 'ardly get up the next one!

Yes, I know that this sounds British, but my Italian fluency is insufficient to come up with an equivalent in that language.

I suggest Sophie, as in Sophia Loren. It’s sexy, Italian, and maybe has a few miles under her belt.

We got it!!!

Fix It Again, Money Bags Tommy

Fix it Again; I need another boat payment; Tommy.

Someone with better Italian than ours could come up with a nice Italian name using those initals.

Mr. Hooper

…because Mr. Hooper also spent a lot of time in the shop. My uncle had one of these back in 81-82 and it was a piece of junk then!

Elan (pronounced: ee-lawn)

How about Tony as in , “Fix it again Tony”.

Supersonic; that’s an adequate misnomer.

Cute White Car :slight_smile: