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Fiat jokes

My daily driver for years is an '82 Fiat 124 Spider. Mt wife & I did a 200 mile run yesterday & we had no trouble. Should I cancel my AAA plus policy?

That’s a lot of miles to run in one day, unbelievable,are your feet sore?

A spider asked his mom if she could teach him to do the backstroke. Mom asked him why? He said it was because he wanted to be in a soup joke.

Fiat Jokes: A Fiat Coasts Into A Bar . . .
. . . After a couple of drinks, the Fiat asks the bartender why the peanuts keep saying things to him like, “Nice wheels” and “You’ve got really clean windows”. The bartender says, “Oh, the peanuts are complimentary!”

FIAT acronym = Fix It Again, Tony

I wouldn’t cancel that policy, just yet.

What’s The Difference Between A Fiat And A MailBox?

You don’t know?

I’d never ask you to mail a letter!

FIAT acronym = Feeble Italian Attempted Transportation

My daily driver for many years{my first car ever} is a '77 fiat 128 x1/9. love this car, the lack of power is made up for in the way it grips the road, like if it were on rails. The rusted rear fender’s is made up for in how, people ask me is that a 007 James Bond car. This car made me what I am today, a ASE master tech. I was 15 when I bought the car. I couldn’t afford a mechanic and the motor would turn over but, would not start. There were no show’s like car talk to help or the internet 20 years ago. All I Had was a chilton repair manual that came with the car. It was time to learn a trade.

The Porsche 914 is in the same excellent handling group but then you have to put up with the Porsche owner and porcupine jokes. It goes like this ,the p***ks are on the outside of the porcupine.

Way back I test drove an X-1/9. Loved the handling but was scared away by the lack of power and the questionable quality. Cool car, though.