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Mystery Vibrations

For about the past year whenever I drive between 60-65 mph, it feels like i’m driving over a washboard. So I checked everything in the front suspension and sure enough both outer tie rods were worn out, so I replaced them and had the car realigned. But the vibrations continued. I took it to my mechanic and he told me the tires were out of round, so I replaced them and the vibrations went away. But now after putting about 4000 miles on the new tires (less than two months) the vibrations are back, any ideas on how to solve this?

The vehicle is a 1989 Honda Accord SE-i sedan with 220k miles.

Rebalance the tires and replace the struts, all of them…Or maybe it’s time to move up into the 21st century…Test drive a 2005 or newer Accord…