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99 buick regal gs

Today I heard the Buick make a funny sound. We have had this car for four years and I have never heard this noise for her. Turing left she made a high pitched whine and as soon as the turn was over the sound stopped. I was able to reproduce the sound ever time I would turn left or right for about 5 min after the car was started, outside temp was 55. 15 min later when we got home pulling into the driveway I heard no sound.

Right now I am thinking rack and pinion or power steering. I found a recall in regards to a bearing inside the R&P assemble that could be the cause but I doubt it. I have never notice leaks under the car, but I also have not checked the power steering reservoir latley. A friend of mine has a Grand Pix that was making the same sound only worse. I think he had to change the PS pump eventually.

It would be nice to hear if anyone else has experienced this problem.

(1) check your power steering fluid level. If it’s low, fill it and start looking for the leak, which will likely be the rack.

(2) check the fanbelt that drives the power steering pump. The pump loads down the belt when you steer, and the balt may be stretched or glazed (shiny frictional surfaces).

(3) turn the car on, open the hood, have somebody turn the wheel, and see if you can hear where the sound is originating.