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98 VW Jetta GT - Squeaky Wheel?

I’ve got a 98 Jetta - 4cyl 2.0L (not that it should matter, I don’t think) - with 160k miles (recently flipped from 159) and I’ve noticed a squeaky wheel lately. I’m assuming it’s the wheel as it’s a squeaking noise that gets faster or slower based on the speed of the car. It’s a high pitched squeak, almost like brake pad squeak.

More information on it: if it’s squeaking and I brake, no more squeak. If I slightly turn the wheel sometimes, no more squeak. It’s if the wheel is straight (or close to it), that’s when I get the squeak, squeak, squeak, squeaksqueaksqueaksqueaksqueak etc. as I drive.

Any ideas what this could be, what could solve it (Should I just go to town with some WD40? Dad’s old solution, hehe)? And if this is something I could do or if it’ll be horribly expensive to have remedied?

Thanks in advance!

As you said, sounds like a brake pad wear indicator - have you checked the brake pads?

I haven’t checked the pads yet… would it squeak even when the brake isn’t depressed? Also, the sound goes away if I turn the wheel, even slightly. It’s squeaking when I’m driving, not breaking.

This sounds to me like the brake pad wear indicators are telling you it’s time for new pads. The wear indicators will make noise until you step on the brakes, then they are quiet.

Have someone check the brake pads. They may be getting thin.

Okay, gotcha. I can change my own pads :slight_smile: I’ll give that a shot… they’re probably due.