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Ford Escape front rumble

I’ve had my 2004 Escape in for service, but they couldn’t figure out what was causing the rumble in the front. I hear it mostly when slowing to a stop or when I go over a bump, or pull into my sloped driveway. Any ideas?

“Rumble” can describe quite a few different kinds of things. Can you do some more description of the sound? Compare it to something? Say something about how long it lasts? There are a few things that bring it on. Is there anything connected to it stopping? Stuff like that. We can’t hear it.

It’s a bit of like a thumping/knocking noise. Not a grinding noise of metal on metal or anything like that. I hear it when I’m slowing to a stop, both with and without brakes applied. When I pull into my drive, it sort of knocks back and forth between the front wheels. The noise stops when the car comes to a complete stop. It is likely doing this at higher speeds, but Escapes have a fair amount of road noise, so I only hear it at 15mph or less. I feel like it has to be something to do with the suspension, but I’d like to have an educated guess before I take it in again. As a single female, I find you’re less likely to get ripped off if they think you have a remote clue. Any help is appreciated!

What kind of “service” place were you at where they couldn’t figure it out? What you need is a good, local shop (non-corporate chain) and in this case, preferable one that specializes in front ends/suspension.

There are quite a few different things that could be the problem (many of them are suspension issues as you suggest). The only way to really start is with an actual inspection - so that’s why you need a local shop with a good reputation.

The most common kinds of things would be things like ball joints, tie rod ends, various bushings (control arm, sway bar), shock or strut mounts, etc. Its not really something to put off since some of it can get quite dangerous. (E.g. ball joints are integral in holding up the whole car).

You can have someone look at it and then post the diagnoses for opinions. Getting two different shops to inspect it is also usually a big help.

Yes, let’s just say I won’t be going back to the “service” place I took it to. Finding a good, local shop you can trust is exasperating, even in a major city. I am taking it to the dealer tomorrow. I don’t want to risk my safety, my passengers, or others on the road by waiting any longer. Thank you for your advice. It has been very helpful!