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My wipers dont work when activated

My car works fine two days ago i went to get gas and i used my wipers they worked perfectly fine and i came out the next day and they would not work not even the mist they spraw would work i checked the fuse and its working the spot where the fuse goes in i checked with a voltmeter to check for continuity to see if i am getting a signal of power. My battery is good and everything and i read the owners manual invade it had detail but it did not help i have a 2000 Pontiac grand prix GTP supercharged. And i don’t know what else to do cause Im not the best with electrical I’m mainly a suspension person help please!

GM vehicles of this era have problems with the solder joints on the Wiper Motor Pulse Board Modules. It’s an easy fix if you have experience. If not…they sell for about $50 and are readily available at any large auto parts store. They are also easy to swap out.

I suspect that missileman is right, you also need to verify that you have a good ground.

Thanks ill try that out