99 volvo v70 xc cabin fan (aka heater and AC fan)

so about a year ago, my fan started making a “growling” sound then eventually stopped working (the fresh air/recycle air and AC lights flash at startup and then will not work). then for no apparent reason, after a couple of weeks, it started working again normally. no noise, no problem.

now, 1.5-2 weeks ago the growling noise comes back and for the past 2 days it has stopped working again.

any idea on what is causing this and if it is a simple fix?

You probably just need to replace it. When it isn’t working, with the switch turned on give a whack on the fan housing with a rubber mallet, block of wood, something like that. If that brings any life into it then you should just replace it.

If it wasn’t for the growling I’d tell you to just check the connector - that isn’t a bad idea either but the growling suggests the fan on its last legs.