My van heats up

I have a 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan and while the AC was running the van wasn’t moving and suddenly the temperature went full high and the engine service light came on. I checked the fluid and engine oil, everything was fine but the pipe that goes to the radiator was under pressure. The fan wasn’t running. I turned it off and let it cool but it did the same thing again. It gets hot and the pressure builds up with no fan running. What would the problem be? Help me

Yes, when your temp gets high at idle it is usually a fan problem, Check the fan relay and fan motor. If you have two fans side by side the right one should come on when you turn on the a/c.

thanks for your responce. yes this van have duel fans if one go bad you have no choice but to change both fans. the right hand fan jamed burnt the fuse i checked the fan it was turning but when i changed the fuse it jammed and the fuse get very hot cost me 200$ and a jean and shirt to fix the problemoo.THANK YOU crysler or dodge for making it so hard to work on.