Dodge Caravan radiator relay

My 99 caravan keeps overheating. The water pump and the radiator are working. I replaced thermostat,twice, the fuse for the fan, and the relay switch twice. fans worked at first, than stopped again

I suggest you use a test light probe to see where power is getting to and where it isn’t.

I Don’t See A Coolant Temperature Sensor On Your List. Have You Done A Check On It ? Besides The Thermostat, Fuse, And Fan Relay, There Should Be A Coolant Temperature Sensor.

Explain, “fans worked at first, than stopped again”. At first when ? After doing what ? Just one time ?

Are You sure that you don’t have air trapped in the cooling system ? Did you purge air from the system after installing thermostats ? Any type of leak in the cooling system (external or internal) will keep allowing air into the cooling system.

After the check on the coolant temperature sensor I’d purge the cooling system of air and then I’d think about pressure testing the cooling system to see if it holds pressure.


Thanks, mechanic did so and said there was an 11 volt surge from the computer but then it stopped when he took off the tester. I just don’t ant to have them install a new computer if it may be something else

My bad, the relay is what I switched to no avail. A mechanic replaced the sensor, which was fried twice. Friday evening it turned the fan on at the right temperature and seemed to be working.We let it idle for half an hour and seemed fixed. Then I drove it 1 mile and it overheated. the shop was closed they said to come back if I have a problem and it is probably the computer. It had sent 11 volts or amps while testing and shouldnt have but stopped sending the juice when he took off the tester. Make sense? I just don’t want to have to buy a new computer if it could be something else frying out the sensor. They seem to know there stuff and have been a local shop for 30 years. Thanks a lot, Scott