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A/C spewing hot air at idle

My 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan has just had A/C condenser replaced. Since then, it’s been a super hot summer, and when in traffic, or sitting at idle, it jumps 20 degrees or so and even blows air hotter than outside air.

The big issue is my husband is the mechanic (certified for air conditioners) and he is stumped and frustrated, so I’m getting nowhere.

The fans are working, he blew air through whatever other suggestions say are plugged. What else could it be?!?

"What else could it be?"
Expansion valve/orifice tube.
Climate control.

Both the high and low side pressures really need to be known before a realistic guess could be made.
Improperly evacuating and charging the system, another leak leading to a low charge, problem with a blend door in the dash, etc. are some possibilities.

Ask your husband what the high and low side pressures are at elevated RPMs (say 1500) and post them back here.

You might also look at the metal A/C lines around the accumulator and firewall. With the A/C running you should see them sweating a bit; or a lot if you’re in the hot and humid South or Southwest.