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My transmission is slipping

i have done a tune up on the transmission and is still slipping on me what else can i do.

my transmission is slipping on me i done a tune up maybe that would take care of it. maybe it would be some sensors i am not 100% sure

Slipping is often the beginning of the end for the transmission, although it would help to know some details about the car in question. Miles, year, how long it was slipping before you did this so-called tuneup on it, condition of fluid, if any debris was present in the transmission pan, etc.

As OK asked, we need more information. What year Sable, how many miles on it now? Did you buy it new, if not how long have you had it? Has it ever had the transmission fluid changed and the filter cleaned?

It seems few auto manufacturers are listing a fluid change as part of regular maintenance. I believe this is a real disservice to their customers. Fluid should be changed and filter cleaned about ever 30 - 40,000 miles.

Adding to the problem, many people have transmission failure shortly after changing the fluid. Of course they blame the failure on changing the fluid, rather than admitting that they had not changed the fluid until it was showing signs of failure. Then they blame the fluid change rather than the fact they failed to have the fluid change before the damage was done.

actually just for grins I looked up the factory maintenance schedule for 1996 sable. The schedule for trans fluid being changed is every 30k. Maintenance is one of the hardest things to get people to understand. Drivers “love” their cars but fail to put forth much effort To keeping their “love” taken care of. Maintenance maintenance maintenance

What year is that thing? How many miles are on it?

And mostly - how do you “tune up” a transmission?

Anyway, as ok4450 noted, slipping is normally an indicator that the transmission is done for.