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Broken transmission

6 months ago start sliping then quit shifting, replaced the shifting selenoids & worked fine. Now doing the same thing & quit shifting. If turn off engine & restart

it pull afeu feet.

Model year?
Odometer mileage?
Check Engine Light on?
Present level/condition of fluid?
Date/odometer mileage of last transmission fluid/filter change?

1995 Ls 1500 2 wd 142000 miles
no check eng. lite on
fluid level full
Change fluid ,filter 6 monts ego, 5200 miles since change.

Its going to need an overhaul. These transmission commonly start slipping in the 3-4 clutches. Shift solenoids have nothing to do with the slipping. You have lost hydraulic pressure.


Thank You for your diagnostic, it did start slipping in the 3=4 shifting.
I appreciate your attention