My Toyota land cruiser 1993 dies at low speed only turning left....ONLY left

Hi: My Toyota land cruiser 1993 dies at low speed only turning left…ONLY left
So, it started last year while in low turning left off road she suddenly died and I just about rolled her, but was able to turn her back on and keep going albeit in higher RPM. Now, she dies all the time when making a slow speed left turn and ONLY left turn.

Also, in low she bucks and starts to die…help please, if I don’t get this figured out the Mrs. will axe her by never wanting to travel with the LC.

If you haven’t checked the motor mounts to see if they are ok I suggest you do that.

A good place to start is the motor mounts. Another place to look is the primary ignition wiring. When you turn, the engine moves on its mounts–it is supposed to. There may be a wiring connection that is pulled loose or a bare wire that grounds to the engine block as you round the corner. You may also want to check the negative battery cable where it connects to the engine block.

Just a thought; with the engine running and the hood open, see if the engine can be easily rocked to the side, and if it kills the motor. If it does, it should be easy to track down the cause. If it does not, than you know you have something else going on, like perhaps a bad inertial fuel shutoff switch, or perhaps something moving around and sometimes blocking the pump screen in the gas tank.