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T & C minivan engine cuts off when I turn right!

I have a 2007 Chrysler T & C minivan. The engine cuts off while driving. Most frequently while turning (to the right!). My mechanic found a loose battery terminal. Nope. Next he suspected the ignition switch which has been a problem with other model years. Nope. He has no idea and now he wants to try the cam shaft? Getting expensive. HELP! What could cause it to just die during a right turn? and very frequently.

I’m thinking a wire in the wiring harness is being pinched somewhere due to engine or transmission or suspension movement during right hand turns. Make sure to ask the mechanic to verify the engine and transmission mounts are good and not loose and over-flexing. And ask him to visually check those areas that might get pinched in right hand turns for signs of a pinched wire.

If all that doesn’t discover the problem, you’ll need an expert to hook up voltage monitors at various places in the wiring harness, then drive the car to see what circuit is losing power.

The only other thing I can think of is a fuse that isn’t quite totally blown. Sometimes a fuse can get a tiny crack in it, and will conduct ok unless it gets flexed, creating an open circuit.

I would connect a fuel pressure gauge the fuel rail, and take the vehicle for a drive and see if the fuel pressure drops off on right turns.

If it does, there’s something goin’ on with the fuel pump.


One simple idea to try is to remove the ignition key from the key-ring. That might just solve the problem. Temporarily at least. Sometimes the weight of the other keys swinging around can damage the innards of the ignition switch and cause this symptom.