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My sons car

my son has a 2002 Saturn and the brake lights don’t work, tail lights are ok. Repair gys want 50-75 dollars to even look at it and give en estimate. can you help on what it might be. thanks

A fuse. Burned out bulbs. Brake light switch. In that order.

I agree. Fuse, bulbs, switch (under the dash, contacts the brake pedal). One of those is likely the problem.

Who are the “repair guys”? Dealer? Independent mechanic? If the former, avoid and find an independent. If the latter, find another independent for a second opinion.

It is an electrical problem that can cost $0.10 in repairs to fix for parts or much more. Giving that type of estimate is reasonable IMHO for electrical work. It could be anywhere but they start at the easiest suspects as posted here and then work back, This type of work can be one hour and many hours.

Your son needs the brake lights and should not drive the car without it. Fix the car at a place you trust.

It looks like you are being given a .5 hour check-out rate this is fair.