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My son is 6'2". Will a mid-size truck fit him? Any used suggestions?

He likes to go hunting and fishing. Otherwise, he drives to and from work.
He just got his first job. He knows it will need to be a used truck.

His preference will be for 4 wheel drive. I’m doubtful he needs it, but since I’m Dad, I don’t know a lot.

Suggestions? As his Dad, I’d like low maintenance and reliability.

I’m 6’3 with a 34" inseam and I’ve owned mid-size trucks since the mid-80’s. Only way to truly know is for him to drive one. But he shouldn’t have a problem.

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Will the mid size truck fit him ? Same answer as in 2010 when you asked what will fit your short daughter . A person just has to plop their self in the drivers seat and find out how it feels .
As for reliability of a used vehicle - who knows - but if you pay a shop for an inspection it will improve your chance of spending money a little better.

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I’m 6’2 myself, around 225.

One of my favorite trucks was a 1997 Nissan pickup. I fit in it just fine, though there wasn’t much room for anything else if there was a passenger too.

I also had a 2000 Ford Ranger. Same issue, though I got rid of it due to weird mechanical issues.

Full size trucks have all the room you need… but with a higher price tag.

I’ve not been in any of the more recent “mid-sized” trucks, though I gather they’re bigger than what I had back in the day.

Truck prices are ridiculous nowadays, both new and used. Personally, if I just had to have one today, I’d get a full sized crew cab truck with 2WD to carry my family around.

He should be fine. I’m 6’2 myself, around 190 lbs and drove a 99 Tacoma regular cab for awhile. I was comfortable enough, although I had a coworker comment that I looked like a giant in it lol.

I suppose if he’s 6’2, 300 lbs, that Tacoma wouldn’t be my first choice :grin:

Naaaa, they’re all wrong. He needs one of these…



Well, since he’s of the age where he considers you to be a moron, any advice we tell you to tell him will be promptly ignored. :wink:

But really, no one can tell over the internet. He needs to go and sit in the vehicle he’s thinking of buying.

I would recommend that you stay the heck out of this. Entirely. Because if by some miracle he does listen to you about anything, and then discovers he dislikes something about the vehicle, he’s going to conclude that it’s all your fault.


Unless you’re paying for it. Then he’ll fit in anything :+1:


He’ll fit, my brother’s 6’2" and has been driving a 1987 Mazda B2200 4WD for several years now, found it instead of a Toyota but he’s known these trucks for some time since our grandpa had the same truck just 2wd.

It really depends on what’s available but I just put a top price into craigslist or auto trader and look at wha’ts out there. Depends on the brand’s you’re familiar with.

Had an o3 ranger, 93 toyota pickup, both had more room than wifes vans, 03 trailblazer plenty of room, wifes 17 rav 4 a tough one for me to get into.

I used to be 6’3" with a 36" inseam. I fit fine in a Ford Ranger or 150, Full size Dodge, Dakota is marginal and am extremely uncomfortable in any General Motors truck, trailblazer or suburban. Even when they used to make Chevy and GMC class 8 tractor, I hated them also.

You can’t tell what will fit someone else. A lot of tall guys like to sit low in a vehicle, I like to sit high and far back.

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Yes, many cars all the way back for the seat feels cramped.

4WD is a definite asset. It sure has gotten me to places I couldn’t have with only 2WD. 4WD does have a couple of downsides: extra expense up front on the truck’s price tag, and there’s more maintenance. If your son likes camping and exploring the back country, winter ski trips, etc, I’d say the 4WD is worth it. There’s an upside to 4WD too, the truck will have better resale value. I can’t speak to what trucks are good for someone that tall. My truck is nearly 50 years old. But among the newer ones, the Nissans, Fords, Toyotas, and Chevys all seem to be pretty good trucks. A manual transmission version will likely reduce maintenance and repair expense in the out-years, if you can find one.

I worked with a guy who was 6’3 and over 350. He drove a Kia Soul. Said he was very comfortable in it.

What I love seeing are the big Ford or Chevy trucks that have these 10"lift kits and huge tires that are driven by a guy 5’5 and might weigh 160lbs. Seems the bigger the truck and higher the lift the smaller the driver. The Nepolean Complex.

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OP, go with your son to a CarMax and see how he fits in a number of vehicles. I’m 6’ 5", fit great in some small ones, badly in some large ones.

Hey, I like big trucks too (minus the aftermarket lift). I’m just too cheap to buy one! The midsize trucks of today appear to be the same size as my 05 Sierra. The 1/2 tons and 3/4 tons have definitely gotten huge.

The reason I mentioned weight vs. just height, I have a coworker who’s about my height but 100 lbs or so heavier. I’ve noticed his knees hit the dash in my Buick, even with the seat slid back all the way. I’m thinking that Tacoma would’ve been hell for him!

Chrysler vehicles always seem ergonomically bad for tall people with long legs.

Rented a Dodge Omni years ago…In order for me to sit comfortably without my knees hitting the dash I had put the seat all the way back…but then I couldn’t reach the steering-wheel without leaning way forward.
The first dodge durango I drove - In order to engage 4wd I had to lean so far forward my head was below the dashboard. Not a good situation when you can see the road.

My son is over 6 feet and is happy driving his Toyota Tacoma. His wife’s car is a Toyota Yaris and he fits in that one as well with the seat all the way back. Japanese manufacturers learned early on that Americans are a lot bigger and they needed more legroom.

We owned an original car designed for Japanese torsos; a 1977 Mitsubishi Colt, sold as a Dodge Colt.

It was a tight fit for my son and he never liked driving it!

I have to try a vehicle on for size, just as I try on a pair of shoes. I have 14AA feet, and shoes in that narrow width are hard to find. At 6’ 2" tall, and long legs, I have to try a vehicle on for size, just as I have to try on shoes.
Years ago, I was looking for a half ton pickup. A Ford dealer in a little town about 12 miles away had a 1968 Ford F-100 and a 1968 Chevrolet C-10. Both had six cylinder engines and a three speed column shift transmission. I was comfortable in the Ford pickup but the Chevrolet pickup did not have enough leg room for me. Both were full size half ton pickup trucks.

I have no sympathy for someone that tall but does he wear a hat? Hats used to be a problem in small cars but big people even fit into VW bugs. Headroom could be the problem though. Only way is to just sit in one.