Cars for tall people


I am 6’7’and looking for a car (SUV) that is a) roomy enough for a 6’7" person to drive b)can fit 2 kids, a wife, and a labrador, and c) will not make me feel like an environment destroying weasel every time I fill up. Any ideas?


A full-size van would work for you, especially if you can find one that was used as a school bus. I used to have a 88 Dodge Ram Campwagon ex-school bus, bought it in 99 for $950, with only 120,000km on it. Heavy duty everything, plus it had a vinyl floor and seats, so it was easy to clean out, and there was plenty of room. Also, I removed the two rear seats, leaving a decent sized cargo area at the rear. There was plenty of room, I could stand up without touching the roof (I’m 6’0") so I imagine it would be okay for you. Might be worth checking out.

Oh, and I never felt like an environment destroying weasel. Actually, though, to be honest, I could drive a Chevy Suburban and not feel like a EDW…


With that many people and a dog, you can justify the full size van. I like the Chevy size but the E-150 Ford is the one I had and liked to drive, although, at your height, the minivan might have a better seating arrangement. 6’3" is tall but 6’7" is a big difference. I know a 6’7" guy who is happy with his Grand Marquis, but he doesn’t have a dog.


I drive a 2006 Scion Xb for work that’s pretty comfortable for me-- lots of headroom. The back seats are pretty roomy too, though there’s not too much cargo room with the seats up.