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My SAAB 97 900S wont start!

My car appears to have an electrical problem. Working fine and then wont start. Had a mechanic check it and the timing belt is fine, battery is fine, and fuses are good. Check coils and they did not spark. This is some circuit problem, I think. The dash board icons are dim and blink like there is a circuit break. The only thing that I didn’t check was the ignition switch. When I turn the key the engine will turn but will not go a full start.

I think this model uses a junction terminal and if it is corroded or scaled over the car can suffer all kinds of problems.
You might turn on the headlights and then turn the key to the START position. If the lights dim quite noticeably you might check this connection.

It should be located near the battery positive terminal and may have a small plastic cover over it. Follow a heavy wire lead from the battery pos. terminal and it should lead you right to it.

It’s also possible in this situation for the starter to operate normally as that is the one thing that does not function through the junction terminal. (assuming here the starter motor turns the engine over fine but it will not start)