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My radio now has a red flashing light .it still works?

I purchased a nice 03 Buick lesabre with only 40,000 miles mint , well after driving and enjoying it now for 2 months , I now have a red flashing light left top side of my radio. however it still works and it does go off when I start the engine , what does this mean because I pulled out the manual and this is what I have ,can anyone tell me if this is something to worry about or is it a normal thing that was just delayed in happening for some unknown reason?

If it is only flashing when the car is shut off or locked, could it be the theft deterrent indicator that flashes when the security system is engaged? Most cars will have a little flashing light when the car is locked up and the security system activated. Look under the security system, not the radio.

The way I read the manual, that is normal action. The light is supposed to blink whenever the ignition is turned off.

Perhaps it always worked this way and you didn’t notice it previously?

I had a VW that behaved the same way.

gee I’m happy to hear its normal . this is the first time I noticed that
light on and I always read the manuals and check and recheck things so I
think it came on for the first time yesterday and I have had this car for
2 months now . I know I’m sort of a fanatical type person. so I was
wondering if this could make the other functions in the car not work if the
light should ever stay on steady and lock out the radio? hhmmmm

You’re getting a little carried away. It’s doing exactly what they said it should do, showing you that if the radio is removed from the car it will not work. That’s all. It is not telling you that the theft system in the radio will do anything else, except disable the radio.

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I hate to be “that guy,” but did you read the page of the manual that you posted?

“When the ignition is turned off, the blinking red light indicates that THEFTLOCK is armed.
If THEFTLOCK Is activated, your radio will not operate if stolen.”

Seems pretty clear to me.

Yeah I missed it too. Never would have imagined that they’d have a blinking light just for the radio. I sure don’t think mine has. On our Acura they told me they aren’t even doing the lock-out code anymore since the radios are so integrated its not necessary.

You will also need the code if and when the battery is replaced or goes dead. My guess is that the previous owner set it up that way. Hopefully you have the code to unlock it if the battery ever does go dead.

Thanks eddo
I just cant explain why it took two months of driving for the cars
computer to recognize the radio , well any way I so happy you tell me its
a normal function so
​ have a great day.

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