My Prizm is stalling after I fill the gas tank



For the past 3 months, my car is is hard to re-start, and it is stalling, after I fill the gas tank. It is progressively harder to start each time. My repair garage checked it out, they said they did not find anything wrong that would cause the stalling.


The problem is usually a saturated charcoal canister which is part of your emissions system. Do you stop fueling as soon as the fill handle kicks off? Overfilling the gas tank can send raw gas to the charcoal filter in the emissions canister and cause this condition. There are other things like bad/loose gas caps that can make this condition worse including a purge valve if your vehicle has one. The most likely cause however is the simple act of overfilling the gas tank. The charcoal canister probably needs replaced if this has been going on for months. See a good independent mechanic.


Yes I am a redneck but this is what I would do.
It is a what 8-12 yr old car and a canister is 2-$600.
Drill a hole just big enough for a straw from a can of starting fluid in intake tube close to throttle body, if it has a carb you can do hole in air cleaner.
After it is warm and does not start right away give it a shot and start it.
Carry can in a pouch or wrap it up and put duct tape over hole.


Thank you! I don’t overfill the tank. To test the gas cap, and purge valve ( not sure if I have one ) I will try removing the gas cap and replacing it, then starting the car.

Redneck: Thanks for the idea of using the starter fluid, which would be much easier to do if the car had a carburetor


Starting fluid works on fuel injection too.


If the charcoal canister is saturated it can be dried out in the sun. You remove it from the car and disconnect all the hoses and just set it in the hot sun for a day. Don’t sit next to it smoking a cigarette!