1990 2.3 Jeep no fuel to injector

Wont get gas to injector, changed fuel pump still no gas to injector. Now fuel pump wont come on my fuel relay keeps clicking, got new relay switch still keeps clicking and pump wont engage. I got power to the tank also to relay cant figure this one.

Check the fuel filter. It is possible it is clogged up or collapsed inside. After that, check the exposed fuel line for crimps or other damage.

I never knew Jeep installed the 2.3 diesel in the Grand Wagoneer…he said tongue in cheek.

I’st a 2.5 I get gas and good preasure up to the throttle body, but when I turn on the ignition no fuel is released from injector into throttle body I installed new fuel filter, new fuel pump. My first problel is to get the pump to turn back on again when on turn on the ignition my fuel relay keeps clicking not allowing the pump to ingage. relay 2 small square box’s side by side

You need instructions and tools. Otherwise, you can’t fix this problem. For instructions, get the Haynes, or Chilton’s, Repair Manual. For Tools, get a digital multimeter. Walmart has the Equus high impedance multimeter for $25. You need it.
Use the repair manual to check the sensors. The sensor send signals to the engine computer which then energizes the fuel injector and the spark. There will be a section on how to check the fuel pump circuit. There will be wiring diagrams.
If these things are too difficult for you, you’ll save time and money if you turn it over to a professional.

Err…I was kidding and alluding to the fact that you didn’t provide all of the needed make, model, year and engine information.

The Renault 2.3 diesel is Euro market only, Jeep never sold them in the US.

So having provided the Make, correct engine and year, which model is it ? Circuit diagrams have differences based on model.