My poor ion!

help!! i have an 03 ion 3 auto.i used to sell saturns. my car has been in the shop 5 times for the same problem. ses light comes on. car seems to lose power at about 2000 rpm and the ses light comes on. it is like it almost stalls and then comes back has put 2 cat. converters in, new fuel injectors, something with the steering links, cleaned the fuel rail, new fuel filter, checked to make sure it didn’t have bad gas, and the light stiil comes on. saturn actually had a bulletin about bad fuel could affect performance when making a hard right or left turn. last time the guys had my car for 8 days and i drove it for 2 days and the ses light came back on. i’ve put injector cleaner in it and still the problem persits! HELP!! any suggestions before i take the car back in/ of and it has 53000 miles and all maintenance has been done at the me at thanks

Associated with the ses light will be a diagnostic code(s). Ask your shop what the codes are/have been and post the info (the actual codes, like P0123 - not an interpretation of the codes). If you can’t get it from them, have the computer scanned at an auto parts store, write them down and post them. That’s the best way to give folks a starting point for making suggestions.