My outlander's air conditioner comes and goes



The air conditioner on my outlander 2010 has been coming out cold and suddenly comes out hot (outside’ temperature). A couple of days before this started happening, the car made a weird noice (like it broke something) and it turned off by itself. Check engine went on. I took the car to my mechanic but the machine found nothing wrong so he just reset the computer. since he doesn’t know what’s happening and neither do I!.. i hope you can!.. would be appreciated!


Check to see if the a/c clutch is engaging. If it isnt, then check the charge of the system. Low pressure triggers the a/c not to come on, and sometimes it can be right on the edge and trigger sometimes. The noise could be a broken blend door that isnt allowing the cold air into the cabin.


There’s a number of possibilities. Inoperative cooling fans can cause the compressor to shut off. Incorrect refrigerant pressure also has an effect.
I believe this model also uses a compressor control module.

Things are not so simple anymore. Assuming the system pressure is correct my next step would be to eyeball a factory wiring diagram and go from there.

I took at a look at AutoZone’s site and they do not have a schematic available so I can’t help you much if at all. Maybe the weird noise was a cooling fan giving up or a heavy duty fan fuse popping.