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My other car

1966 GTO

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The '66-'67 GTO is maybe my all-time favorite '60s/early '70s car.

Very nice.

Yea, I couldn’t afford the car so I bought a T-shirt with the GTO picture on it.

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Beautiful car! One of my favorite years. Not really a 455 under that air cleaner is it? Or has the engine been replaced? I’m thinking the '66 only came with a 389. The 455 didn’t arrive until 1970.

Yeah, must be a tribute, folks would know that’s the wrong engine. Wonder if it started as a GTO or a Tempest?

Nowadays, probably yes, but back when the GTO was first released, GM gave Car & Driver a test GTO with a bored-out engine. Whether it was 455 c.i. or not, I don’t know, but the fact remains that GM pulled the wool over that magazine’s eyes with an engine that looked identical, but was considerably more powerful.

GTO owners couldn’t figure out why they weren’t able to match the 0-60 times that were published by the dupes at C & D.

Very Nice, gee I think I see a fingerprint on the hood :sunglasses:

Back in 64 that would likely have been a 421 cid engine. Pontiacs have always been essentially identical outside with only intake manifolds and exhaust manifolds being different between versions and body styles. Made it easy to bolt in an engine from the C body cars into an A body. You could fool someone into thinking it was “only” a 326 V8 when it was actually a 455!

Yes, engine is a 1970.

It’s gets about 8 mpg.

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The GTO that famously duped Car and driver was supposed to have a 389 in it but GM had the car"prodified’ for the road test and it had a 421 in it. I don;t know if Royal Pontiac did the work but they were known for that kind of thing.

Ah, Detroit iron!

I’m not sure which I like most, the car itself or the sweet memories of those good-old-days that it invokes. :yum:

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Had a bud with the gold gto 455, his dad bought it for him, we had some fun but his dad was saying stupidest thing I ever did

My BIL from Kansas swung by today with his 62 Fairlane on his way to the Back to the 50’s this weekend. His buddy had his just completed 57 Chevy. The only thing original was the body sheet metal. New frame, Caddy engine and 6 speed trans, new interior, GPS, back up camera, power everything, epoxy paint, etc. Beautiful. Well over $100K invested and appraised at $180,000. He built it to drive around the country, not just to look at. Way beyond my league.

I owned a bright electric blue '67 GTO back in my younger days. It had the 455 engine from a 1968 model GTO. I purchased the car from a friend of mine who’s dad owned the local Pontiac dealership. That 7.5 emblem on the hood was one of it’s greatest features. It’s a pity that the tires back then could not contain the beast of an engine.

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Not to mention, most BB cars had wimpy u-shaped control arms that would twist like a licorice stick under full acceleration if the tires did stick. Boxing or replacing those wimpy arms was one of my first improvements on many of those cars of that era I owned. I still have a set of OEM arms for a BBC Malibu just in case I want to put it back to original some day…

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Just curious - what color paints did he use? Seems like half of them I see are white over red. I looked in the '57 Chevy brochure, none of them were.

That’s true, but none of them had backup cameras, or GPS, or 6 speed transmissions, either.
This looks to be the case of someone who is not as interested in authenticity as he is in modern creature comforts and accessories that did not even exist in the late '50s .

Not original colors. The lower body is a metalic carmel up to the side trim and top, and the upper body is more of gray metalic with a little pearl thrown in. So not the factory type two tone with the roof and body different colors but it looks very nice. It’s gonna be very expensive if he ever scratches a fender. No he wasn’t interested in keeping it original but wanted something he could drive around for the fun of it. Like I said really, the only thing from the 50’s is the sheet metal. The rest is all current including the 7 computers, seats, frame, etc. Way beyond me.