My old olds delta 88

I have an 1989 Oldsmobile Delta 88. It was bought for $200 but had to harminic balancer fixed, it has run great since, but while my wife was driving it, it has taken to sputtering and dying just going down the road and if she lets it sit for a while it starts right back up and goes until it decides to do it again. My ideas were that either my in tank filter is clogged up but then it wouldn’t get any gas at all would it? or maybe a little relay box is out like on my Chevy cavalier that used to not get fuel unless I primed it everytime to get the fuel injector to spray. Any other suggestions from anyone? Thanks, Lilrascal

Faulty ignition module that dies when it heats up.

I concur with NYBO. My '89 LeSabre had same problem. Same fix.

Thanks to NYBo and homer2804 for the help, saved me having to pull the tank, good day to ya’ll, lilrascal.

I am the owner of the car and I have another question. All the repair manuals show a round distributor but mine is rectangular in shape. Someone told me that I might not have to spend the $200-300 for a whole new module component, they said that I could just buy the little part of it that is getting too hot. Any one heard of this? Thanks, lilrascal

If it is the 3800 (3.8) you have a coil pack and module. The coil pack is a one piece assembly with 3 raised “blocks”, each has 2 plug wires. IIRC under that is the module, long and flater. This is a distrbuterless set up, therefore no round rotor under cap to spin and distribute spark. All electronic and sensitive to heat as it ages.
It is a sealed part I beleive. The little part they may be thinking of is the module under the cap on older systems with distributors (like my '79 Olds) between the points and full electronic era.