My New-Used car's new a/c expenses. Do I fight or pay up?

I bought the car on Thursday. 2009 Chevrolet Traverse 103,000 miles.
The car was in the shop on Monday after the air was not cold. A week later the guy told me he could not find the leak that he topped off the freon. No charge.
A week later the car was back in the shop for another week. Okay this time the car had damage to the a/c. This time it was $1,300 bucks.
So I had a few things to say about that.
Yesterday the dealership calls. The repairs are done. Now instead of $1300, he is only going to charge me $830.
Should I argue or write it off?


You bought a used car with over 100,000 miles on it. I’ve bought a few cars in this price range myself, and I’m generally floored if the AC works at all.

Unless there was a warranty on it, I don’t see where you are in a position to “fight” anything. There was a reason this car sold for so much less than a new one…you’re dealing with one of those reasons right now.

If you signed an “AS IS” disclaimer when you bought the vehicle then you’re in no position to argue anything even if there is collision damage.

If you signed that disclaimer you should have a copy of it and those disclaimers are worded briefly and clearly.


While you may not have a leg to stand on, I would ask the dealer to absorb the cost of the repair

As a courtesy, because you just bought the car

BTW . . . what needed to be repaired?

The missing information that we need is:
What type of warranty (if any) did this vehicle come with?

Please take a look at your sales receipt, and give us the exact details regarding what it states regarding warranty coverage.

As the old saying tells us, “The Devil is in the details”, but, without the missing details, nobody can answer your question.

On decent quality cars, AC should last as a function of time and not only miles. Using an AC often is one key to it’s longevity and a 2009 model should have a working AC. Both the car and dealer are defective.

Take @vdc and @db4690 and @ok4450 's advice.

Why do you think you shouldn’t pay up? I don’t see how can even think that you are not responsible for paying for this.