Dealership responsibility

In Jan 09 I bought a 2001 Nissan w/ 148,000

miles from a Hyundai dealership, not a

“certified” car. I just discovered the A/C doesn’t work. Would it be dumb to ask the dealership to fix it at this late date?

I don’t say dumb to ask but do present why you think they should do the job at no charge,in fact run it by us here why you think the job should be done at no cost,lets see how it sounds. Make believe you are at the Dealership and you are giving the Manager your best pitch for some free work,lets see how it sounds,you are free to inprovise,get creative.

Six months is long time to wait and go back and ask a dealer for a free repair. Especially if the vehicle came with no warranty. Who knows? Maybe at the time you bought the vehicle the AC was working? But after six months, and through the winter some of the refrigerant leaked out and now the AC doesn’t work. Which is not unusual on a nine year old vehicle.

If the vehicle was purchased “AS IS”, you’re probably not going to get this free repair.


It never hurts to politely ask first. If not out right warranty/free, they may offer a split deal.
It’ been winter, then cool spring since then. Perhaps they’ll see that it is logical for you to only discover this now.

You can ask, but unless you have a warranty they are under no obligation to do anything for you. As Tester mentioned if you bought it as-is then you’re on your own. Typically for a car of that age with that kind of mileage, you get a 3 month/3000 mile warranty that covers the powertrain only at best.

You can always ask, the worse they can say is the likely no.

The problem is it could have broken the second before you turned it on or 5 months ago when you received it.

Thanks to all for your thoughtful & cogent answers.

Are you are not going to give us a example of how you would present this request?

No, I’m not going to give an example; I’m grateful for all the input.

Fair enough

I figure you live in a cold weather area and didn’t use the AC in the winter. If you turned on the defroster then that should have turned on the AC as most cars do this now to help clear the windows.

Now that it is warm you find the AC either isn’t working or is weak. I think you can explain to your salesperson that now that the weather has turned warm you find the AC isn’t working. Could they check and recharge the AC system at a reduced charge as a courtesy? It will help you feel better about recommending the dealer to friends and relatives. Goodwill is important to a customer driven business like car sales. While you may not be in a position 6 months later to be demanding, you can ask for their help in doing the right thing for a good customer.