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My mazda 2001 tribute is stuck in neutral

I was backing out of the driveway a day ago and my gear got stuck in neutral,can not move the gear shifter and just don’t know what to to do. This has never happened before. Any advice?

Is this a manual transmission or an automatic?
How many miles on the odometer?
Can you push the vehicle, or is it stuck in position?

automatic, 180,987, i can let it drift back,but the gear shifter will not move for me to put in R.,P or D.

ps thanks for replying im kinda new at friend listens to the show every sat.

Have you tried using the Shift Lock release that is located somewhere on the center console?

Normally, this is used when the shift lever can’t be moved out of the Park position, but it might do the trick in this case. If you don’t know where the Shift Lock release is located, your Owner’s Manual should provide instructions.

Something else to check is whether your brake lights are working. Have someone stand behind the vehicle to check the lights while you push the brake pedal. If the lights aren’t working, that is a good indication that the brake light switch is bad. In addition to activating your brake lights, the brake light switch can play a role with both the shift lock mechanism and your cruise control.

ok. thank you so much! I will try that.

Also check the brake fluid level. It may be low, mimicking the faulty brake light switch. Some cars use the brake light switch, some use brake fluid pressure.

When you have it running have there been any indicator lights on in instrument cluster? Brakes, battery, CEL?

@ Vdc driver! It was the Shift Lock release. thank u so much, i did what u said you were right! godbless. you dont kow how much u have helped again thanks!

Those of us who post advice in this forum are only too glad to be of help.

I want to thank you for giving us feedback.
In all too many cases, we never find out if our advice worked, or not.

Have the linkage cable under the vehicle checked as this happened to me but it was in park. Cost $70.00 to repair the cable.