My Maserati spyder

My Maserati spyder has a problem with the electric motor under the roof and it’s not working right

Time to find a Maserati forum. Not much chance of somebody on a general site like this having dealt with that kind of problem…

No year, just the model, no info except some electrical part on an Italian car isn’t working.

Are you going to fix this yourself? Post a LOT more info. If not, take it to a repair shop.

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Two questions for the OP:

  1. What is it doing that it shouldn’t do?
  2. What isn’t it doing that it should do?

“My Maserati goes 185” . . . :smiley:

Didn’t one of the the eagles sing that . . . but I believe it was a solo album?

@db4690 Joe Walsh – “Life’s Been Good”

To keep on topic, here are two Maserati forums the OP can check out, if he hasn’t already:

Maserati Life

Sports Maserati

Just a simple web search shows many forum topics about roof problems.

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An electrical problem with a car designed and manufactured in Italy?
That is so… surprising…


Life’s been good to me so farrrrrr

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