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Restore a vehicle

I am restoring a 1969 Fiat 124 spyder, that I purchased new, and now after 15 years want to try to get it inspected. However, everything seems to work except the windshield wipers. The fuse is good, but I need to figure out how to get to the wiper motor. I am trying to find a shop manual, but to no avail.Can you help? Love your show.

tom and ray do not respond here. but go on e-bay, or craigs list or even better, e-mail fiat and ask them.

I bet there are some Fiat forums full of 124 Spyder folk who know the answer. Google away!

I found this info for a 1969 Fiat Spider 124. I had an 850 Spider back in 73’. I pushed it more than I ever drove it.

At least, with a '69, you have something to work with…Not much, but something…You need to find a parts car…

missileman, did you buy it from my sister?

Actually I did buy it from somebody’s sister. She bought it back after about 2 months. The car was beautiful and looked like new but ran like it was 40 years old. It was a 73’ model convertible with bright blue paint. The lady missed it and I was glad to see it go. I bought a red 240Z with the money.