My manual makes a rattling sound

You would really benefit from a vehicle with an automatic transmission.


That is silly . Do you even know what to look for ? Has anyone else driven this thing and had the same noise ? If going to the trouble to remove the transmission why not put a rebuilt one in and be done with it ?

Good idea.
That shouldn’t be too difficult on your pickup. Then you could make some observations, take pictures, and share them here for feedback.

In my youth, when I was learning about cars, I took the manual transmission out of my car several times. You do end up learning a lot.

I will try. I did back into a tree some time ago and it didnt seem like that was the start of it but i couldve possibly knocked a bracket loose on something

Eventually the OP will get the hang of using a manual transmission, ny then he may need everything to replace everything from the flywheel to the rearend. For some of us it was intuitive, others have various learning curves.


It is my first manual vehicle. I hope im not doing anything too harmfull to destroy it, i havnt jerked it sinse my first week of learning.
Right before i come to a stop push the clutch to the floor like you said or when i take off i let the clutch out slowly and press the gas in when the the clutch gets to the sweet spot.
My main concern now is the rattling noise, i still have tons of practice to achieve on matching the perfect clutch/gas combo but i feel like as long as im not letting off the clutch fast enough to make it jerk it shouldnt be making those sounds

I think you have the hang of it.
So it could be the exhaust system. You may have weak engine/transmission mounts. Have both checked out.

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One of my old work colleagues was an older woman who began driving in the late '40s, so–needless to say–she had experience driving a stick shift. And yet, when I rode with her in her manual trans Buick Skylark, she consistently lugged the engine by shifting to 2nd gear at about 5 mph.

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Just so you know. do not sit at a stop light and keep the clutch down while waiting for the light to change. put it in neutral. I know this sounds like common sense, but you would be surprised how many new manual drivers do this.

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Since we are talking about manuals… It has always been said to not rest your hand on the shifter knob while driving because it can put extra stress on the tranny. but then I found the following that says it is not true. what are your thoughts?

And some never learn at all. Henry Ford never could develop the knack of operating a conventional sliding gear manual transmission, thus his insistence on the planetary geared transmission in the model T.

It doesnt hurt anything, unless you are driving a 1970’s VW Beetle with the “automatic stickshift” where resting your hand on the shifter disengages the clutch!

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My brother too learned on a three on the tree, yet when he bought an Austin Healey 3000, he always lugged the engine, painful to ride with him.

It depends on the shifter. Some shifters (Hurst comes to mind) have stops that the shift handle rests on. That does no harm whatever. Other shifters don’t have stops, so when you’re resting your hand on the shifter you’re pushing the shift forks against whatever gear you’re in. That wears the shift fork.

I bought some 75-90 gear box oil because thats what it said online and the sutoparts place but ive seen some things saying to use atf fluid and that gearbox oil is too heavy. Whats your opinion on this? And i just stick my finger in the fill plug hole why the trucks running to check it right? I dont want to get my finger bit off

No , you just fill until the fluid runs out of the fill hole. There are Youtube videos that show how to do that .


I don’t know for sure if your truck takes gear oil or ATF, yes some manual transmissions take ATF. I suspect ATF,
Your library may have a reference section with appropriate service manuals.

took the fill plug off and it started dripping dripping fluid like crazy and im 100% certain it was the fill cap. But when i stuck my finger in it i coulddnt feel the fluid. So im thinking its just dripping from the top from it previously running and bouncing around the gearbox. I dont have the right oil i think because it came out bright pink.
So im just gonna put the cap back in untill i get he right stuff

Seeking opinions–rather than factual information–is not a good idea when it comes to something as crucial as the type of lube that your gearbox requires. Why don’t you phone the parts department at a Ford dealership, give them the particulars of your Ranger, and ask them what type of lubricant is required?

Maybe it really does require 75-90, but the previous owner incorrectly used ATF, thus leading to the problem. Ask the parts guy at a Ford dealership, rather than the people at AutoZone if you want to be sure of the correct answer.


I did not think of that will do. I completely understand what you mean. What do you think about all the fluid dripping out from the fill plug? Could it be over filled