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Buzzing/Rattling noise? Please Help!

Hey Guys,
My manual 2004 Ford Ranger XLT (4.0L) has been Buzzing/Rattling. (VIDEO LINK BELOW) She has 112k miles on her. Owned 1 month, no issues when I bought from my paps. Its my 1st manual so may have been a little hard on clutch 1st few days. Noise started abruptly 1 week ago when I engaged clutch to shift to 3rd. Its gotten worse over the few days and happens even when in gear. Its much more prominent from outside passenger window. Dont noticw for 1st couple mins of driving & is intermittent but often. Noticeably louder when foot is taken off gas at slow speeds. Also theres an intermittent squeel that started just days after I got her… Idk if its brakes cause the noise actually disappears with the slightest pressure on the brake.
Thanks in advance for any insight!
I also have a VIDEO LINK below:

Before going down the expensive to fix route, good idea to make sure it isn’t something simple. Loose exhaust system components are a common cause of buzzing/rattling. And whether it buzzes or not can depend on whether the various resonance frequencies match up; i.e. the engine load and engine rpm. Suggest to ask your mechanic to put your truck on the lift & visually inspect the entire exhaust system for broken supports and loose heat shields, esp the cat heat shield.

On the second issue, noises that go away when you press on the brake pedal are often the brake system itself, or problematic wheel bearings.

Here’s a word of advice.

Don’t say anything while recording a noise from a vehicle.

I want to hear the noise. Not what comes out of your mouth.


The first step would be to have the person you bought it from listen. I assume it was your father. Maybe they have heard the noise before and know what to do.

Thanks for your responses

I have been suspect of the exhaust heat shield being the issue and noticed when I put my hand on it that with very little force it can sway side to side about 3" or so Shouldnt the exhaust be locked in and unable to budge?

Tester, I love the blunt response from one jerk to another haha. Sorry though man. I did note in the title of the video that I muffed that up. Im embarrassed for even uploading it. The audio sucked anyway BUT I WAS/AM planning on recording a better one and definitely without narration when I am free in about an hour.

Thanks guys Ill have that video link shortly

"Shouldnt the exhaust be locked in and unable to budge? "

In my neck of the woods, a loose heat shield is secured by any honest mechanic with an extra-large worm-drive hose clamp wrapped around the heat shield and the component and secured. It last forever, holds the heat shield securely, and satisfies the inspectors.