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What is this buzzing/Rattling noise? Video attached

Hey Guys,My manual 2004 Ford Ranger XLT (4.0L) has been Buzzing/Rattling. (VIDEO LINK BELOW) She has 112k miles on her. Owned 1 month, no issues when I bought from my paps. Its my 1st manual so may have been a little hard on clutch 1st few days. Noise started abruptly 1 week ago when I engaged clutch to shift to 3rd. Its gotten worse over the few days and happens even when in gear. Its much more prominent from outside passenger window. Dont noticw for 1st couple mins of driving & is intermittent but often. Noticeably louder when foot is taken off gas in motion. Does not make noise when idling. Genernally only above 1500 RPM . Not coming from the back half so i dont think its the exhause/heatshield

Heres the sound

Is this a 4x4? Sounds like something is trying to eat its way out of the transmission.

Yeah but I just stay in 2wd. Eat its way out of tranmission?

I was thinking maybe the chain for the front drive is hitting the inside of the case.

This is no sound from a heat shield or exhaust. That you can be sure of.

Does the engine make this noise when it is in neutral and the engine revved.
I was not sure from the video!!!

If it makes this noise even in neutral, I’d look closely at the fan and the serpentine belt area. It could be a bolt that loosened and backed it’s way out…so now it contacts the fan, idler pulley or some other item that runs off the serpentine belt.