My lights wont come on for the ac console

I got in my car this morning and turned it on and all the lights come on except the ac part of the dash board. So I can see anything and it doesnt turn on. But I can turn on and see the lights in the back? Could this just be a fuse?

Check if there is a dimmer control for this part of the dash.Look into your owners manual for this.

What do you mean “see the lights in the back”? If the lights are out there’s a bad bulb or maybe a loose wire. The light for the fan knob on my Corolla has been out for years because fixing it would require taking the dash apart. There shouldn’t be a separate dimmer for just the AC part but that doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t.

what year and model car?

The OP didn’t list year,but they did list the make & model as a GMC Acadia.So its somewhere between a 2007 to present year model…

It looks like the A/C module is independent from the rest of the console. If you can see some lights in the back of it I can only assume that the bulbs with the wires attached slipped out of their holders. Also possible that you are seeing some other lights that have nothing to do with it. In that case it might be a (inline?) fuse.

I assume that other than that the A/C is working. A flashing light would indicate a problem with the A/C

It also depends on which lights aren’t working.The lcd display in the center,the illumination lights behind the 4 larger push button controls on each side of the console or the lights behind each of the square/rectangle individual push buttons.If its the lcd display thats not lighting up,but all of the other lights are coming on,it may be the console itself thats bad, unless you’ve got a separate fuse that powers just the lcd part of the console.Eventhough its a GMC,some Fords had a fuse for the radio & a fuse for the lcd portion of the radio,so its possible this could be a similar thing.I would definitely check all fuses related to the hvac circuit.Theres also a 10 amp display fuse I would check also.The following are images of a 2007-2012 Acadia console, unfortunately we aren’t sure of your year.

s-l400 (4)

s-l400 (3)