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Dashboard lights on 2000 ford focus

When I start my 2000 ford focus and turn on the lights, I lose my console/dashboard lights within 3 seconds. Also, if I have the heat or a/c on, I usually don’t get them the console lights at all. The dimmer is all the way up and the fuse is fine. What gives?

It could be the dimmer that is bad. It you can take it out, clean it with some contact cleaner. Had a similar porblem with my Ranger back a few months ago and that is what I did. No more problems.

Thanks for the reply! I’ll give it a shot.

If cleaning the dimmer control doesn’t help then check for a bad ground in the dash area along with a faulty power connection. Since you state that the blower being on causes the lights not to work it sounds like a grounding problem.

I noticed that if I don’t start the car but just start the electrical system, I can get the light to stay on and the dimmer works fine. Even with the blower off, as soon as I start the car, the light goes off. Also, it is not just the console back light but the entire panel back light (the ac controls, etc.) However, the stereo stays on without any problems. Could be a short?