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My Lexus IS 250 ought to be recalled

pulled in at home for about 30 minutes got back in my car proceded to back up and my steering would not move had to get get my car towed to my mechanic and my power steering had went out and its electrical which cost alot of money so yes this needs to be a re-call

Well , first of all you don’t have a 2021 so what year is this Lexus ? Things break and just because they do does not always mean Recall .


I’m with @VOLVO_V70 If you had a 2021 or even a 2020 you could have received a warranty repair. My guess is, it’s a typo and you have a 2012. That means an 8 year old car and stuff breaks after 8 years. If the power steering failed on a high percentage of new cars that would be cause for a recall.


An IS 250 is a model, not a year. Since she didn’t tell us a year, or ask us a question, I guess we’ll never know what she wanted! :disappointed_relieved:


So what year and how many miles on it? Not that I’m expecting much in the way of an answer…

It’s not uncommon at all when someone has to pay for repairs on their own dime to want the manufacturer to foot the bill for them.

Same reason a recall is not issued for an aged refrigerator or aged central A/C home unit. Wear is a part of life with any mass produced item. Even if there were multiple failures of the same part there is no guarantee of a recall being issued. There’s a lot of PR and politics involved.

The IS 250 was produced between 2005 and 2013.

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Looks like my guess of 2012 was probably correct. In any case, too old for a recall.

Just got a recall notice on my 2010 Hyundai, something to do with the ABS

I have to admit I’m surprised. Good on Hyundai. But ABS isn’t a component that wears out, steering is.

The IS 250 was manufactured for 2006 to 2015 model years, the 4GR-SFE engine was replaced by the 4 cylinder turbo engine, the IS 200t and IS 300t.

2006 - 2007 were the problem years for the steering rack, the motors had a manufacturing defect. Those rack and pinions were replaced under a special service campaign, a recall was never issued.

Lexus has a number of problematic ABS hydraulic brake actuators which are very expensive to replace, they have extended the warranty to 10 years on some vehicles.

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I looked on, and checked 2008, 2010, and 2012. There are no recalls or complaints for the steering system. We did have a recall on our 2009 and 2010 Chevy Cobalts for electric power steering binding. Chevy said to turn off the car then restart. This would reset the steering. Maybe this will work for you. This does not look like a widely experienced problem since there are no complaints with the NHTSA.

Steering system complaints are very low on

I stand corrected. I’m still surprised they issued a recall for a 10 year old car though.

Recalls can occur for even older cars. Witness the recent airbag debacle.

10 years is the limit on issuing a recall on a vehicle however if an investigation on a safety defect begins in the ten year period, a recall can be ordered after the ten year time limit.

In 2013 I started performing airbag recalls on vehicles built in 2001 and they are still coming in, vehicles 19 years old.

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